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21 Feb 1998

Page with Real Video added

02 Mar 1998

More links added

09 Mar 1998

Page with T- 26 added

16 Mar 1998

Page with T- 28 added

22 Mar 1998

Page with T- 35 added

29 Mar 1998

Page with T-90s added (I thank to my friends here for this advice)

2 Apr 1998

Maintenance panel totally renewed for faster downloading and comfortable walking around my site

4 May 1998

My site was approved like active member of WW2 Association

4 Sep 1998

Info about tanks was corrected

5 Now 1998

Label from first page was renewed.My info was updated.

29 Jan 1999

More links added.

26 Feb 1999

Photos page renewed.Artworks added.

13 Mar 1999

Videoclip with T-26 in action added.(Duration is about 50 sec.)

11 Sep 1999

HTML-codes was updated for MSIE

21 Jan 2001

"Story about" spelling was corrected. Thanx to Murray Balascak from Canada.

20 Now 2002

Information about WWII, its beginning, include USSR expansionism in 1930-1940, is now (in 2002) more popular, than few years ago. We have many books, many movies, many information not only about tanks or other weapons, but about Stalin, Lenin, USSR as historical facts. I think, that professionals and experts can study these questions more deeply and give the truthful information. I am grateful to all for letters and councils on work of my site