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T - 26

T-26  was  builded  on base "Wickers" ( UK ) tank.
First models T-26 been on the militar parade 7 Now 1931 in Moscow.
T-26 was manufactured in 1931-41.
It has so many modification:
TMM-1(2 turrets ,3 mashine gun). TMM-2(1 turret,37mm Gochkis).
     Model of 1932  has 2 turrets,37-mm Gochkis or B-3, one mashine gun.
Model of 1933 has one cylindrical turret with 45-mm gun ex.1932 and one mashine gun.
Model of 1936 been as model of 1933,but has back mashine gun.
Model of 1937 has cone turret and anti-aircraft mashine gun.
Model of 1939 has under-turret box with inclined armor.
Last  hundreds of  T-26 was been made in Leningrad in july-august 1941.

T-26 with cone turret, 45-mm gun  (model of 1937).

T-26 (mod.1937)
Engine: T-26 with power  90 - 97Hp.Max speed: 30 km/h. Range:120-240 km.
Armament: 37-mm Gochkis, or  B-3, or 45-mm ex.1932,
or ex.1934-38 gun, or  two 7,62-mm DT-mashine guns.
One 7,62 anti-aircraft mashine gun (from Feb 1939).
Armor: 13 mm ,from 1937 - 15 mm.